Finding the Rhythm

So this week I am pretty happy with my training. I feel like I have a rhythm and am in the training zone. While we are only 9 days in to the actual schedule I feel great. I am following the schedule and have not missed one workout yet, early days I know but last year I copped out a lot from the get go. It is wet outside (what you say in Vancouver - say it isn't so) I will just run a little longer and skip the ride. PATHETIC

Yesterday was the second brick of the season and it was crappy outside. Just awful- I kept looking out and hoping it would change. It did not but no biggy I got changed at lunch grabbed the bike and away I went. At one point I thought sheesh this is wet and then I thought to myself but not nearly as wet as it was last June and you are only doing this for 45 minutes with a 20 minute run. Not 6 hours followed by a 3 hour run (LOL).

That goes to show you how my perspective has changed - never underestimate the power of a DNF. As I said to a gal in my half marathon clinic - Last year I was cocky - I thought it can't be that bad I have done sprint Tri's and run marathons. I got my ass handed to me on a platter Respect the distance do the training.

The biggest change I think is that I am just taking each day and doing what I need to do that day. I am not worrying about the next workout - I have found my rhythm. And whenever I start to think about blowing off a workout I just think back to last June and that motivates me to get out and do it.

Bring on day 10 -



Kirsten said…
i think respect the distance makes so much sense. and even beyond the idea of what you are training for but also in relation to how far you have come since last year. yes, a DNF is a terrific goad but you're not in the same place that other shaun was - you've got more experience and you've learned new things. good or bad, with each choice and each step, you grow into the challenge you have set for yourself. i'm looking forward to june.

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