Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger

Seriously, I have no excuses.  Not sure how life gets away but it does.

SO lets see last time I posted I had been in an epic battle with my bike and the trainer in which the trainer won.  Well Isis got fixed up just fine and we back out on the roads where we belong.

Work has been crazy but I love it.  My last clinic for a while ended and we had a great wrap-up-dinner.  The group all had great times and I succssfully maintained my title as the most on time pace bunny ever.  The bunny contract this year was 2hr 15 and I came in at 2 hr 14 min, 46 seconds.  So contract fulfilled.  I have stepped back from the clinics for awhile and it has been with mixed feelings.  The clinics have been my baby for a long time but with work as busy as it is and Joe's Ironman year and some peronal things I am contemplating it just seemed like the right time.  DOn't get me wrong I miss the peeps and I am still getting used to having Thursday nights to myself but not too wory I am finding my rhythm. 

I did do the Oliver Half IRonman and well the grudge match did not happen as Joe has been injured and well it was just smarter for him to defer to next year and use the weekend as a training weekend - he rode about 80% of IRonman course and will go up a few more times before race day.  Myself - well I got it done.  DUring the BMO half I ended up really hurting my right leg/knee and so running was pretty minimal for the month of May.  I took a week off and then got very sick so another week off and then just did trail runs of 9km or so each Sunday. 

The actual race - swim my time was about normal - I went out in the middle of the pack - I KNOW and then proceeded to get the crap literaly kicked out of me.  At the first buoy I actually got a bleeding nose and decided that I had enough so I pulled up and let the rugby team through and then started out again.  From now on I will just start at the back - it is safer! 

I was pretty happy with my ride - it was exceptionally hot - 40 degrees!  I had a strong ride but my leg started to really hurt on the 2nd lap  with 16km left I thought of the Barb and the girls and thought okay girl 16km is just like a time trial stay in the bars get to the cadence and RIDE - and I just focused and passed so many peeps.  I mean I had been holding my own and passing a lot of people through out the ride but this was a dig and I just flew by people.  Getting off the bike I literaly walked to my spot - I could not run my leg was miffed with a capital M.  But ride time was good at 3:16 (or there abouts).  Joe and mom were there and asked how it was going and I was like not bad - leg is sore.  JOe is like well don't run.  What? Don't run.  I was like have you met me?  Crazy talk - I guess he muttered something to my mom and mom said she is stubborn, she has been like that since she was 6 months old.  So off I went and you know what while I was not moving fast I was in a good head space and felt okay through the run.  Overall it was about 3 hours for the half my slowest by far but I am okay with that.  I got the race I trained for and deserved.  You can not expect to pull a 2:15 half out of your butt when you have not really run in a month and are injured.  The one thing I was really pleased about was my nutrition - I nailed that for this race which was important considering it was 40 degrees and it could have gone wrong very quickly.  I learned a lot from Ironman - I drank lots, and the cramping that I suffered in IRonman did not come and I am pretty sure it was because of the bananas.  Yes you read it right I actually willingly ate Bananas through out the bike ride every time I went through an aid station I grabbed a banana.  The potassium is key for cramping and Bananas have potassium so between liquids and bananas I hit it out of the park on the nutrition. 

SO now I am just focusing on some trail running as I get ready for Warrior Dash in August.  Lots of riding in prep for Gran FOndo.  Have not come up with the fall race yet since we did not get into Nike Women's so I guess I need to pick one soon.  Looking at the Disney World WIne and run half in October.

Promise to post more,  I actually do want to talk about the riots and such but will save it for a day or so.

Peace out



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