running on land and water

About 4 - okaaaaay maybe 5 weeks ago my right foot/inner heel/ankle starting hurting.  I was able to keep running but it got gradually worse and started going up my calf muscle so I went to see a physio.  Now before you all become judgmental I did go get it x-rayed about 3 weeks in and confirmed there was no fracture but yet it kept getting worse!?!

Hmmm - time to go see a physio I guess - see progress before I would wait till I was completely hobbled.  However at the risk of suffering another lecture by my regular physio I got her to refer me to a new physio closer to work.

Well he looked at it and said nothing major but no running for a week - WHAT - no road running you can water run, ride and swim but no water running for a week.  Okay - no running for a week - now he did not specify which week - rookie mistake on his part :).

I am not  a total brat that was a week ago Friday so I ran the next Sunday and did not run all week on pavement.  And this morning I went down and ran with the group for a 19 km"ish" run.  The foot felt fantastic for the first 17 km and then sugar pop it started to ache and after the run I was pretty much favoring it badly again SUGAR POP.

Disappointing - I did all my exercises, my ice baths each night and water ran everyday I was supposed to run.  BOOO :(.

Water running - I have far more experience with water running than I care to have.  It has been a few years since I have to do it but I guess my running workouts will be in the water for awhile - especially after today's experience.  So what is water running- quite simply it is running in water.  You put on a water running belt so you will stay afloat and jump in the deep end of the water.

People are always suspicious because it seems "easy" and can be very boring.  But there are many positives and there are ways to make it more enjoyable.

A lot of the top athletes in the world use water running as not only a tool for continuing to maintain fitness but also as a great way of crosstraining.  The benefits are:

  • It takes the pounding off your joints and injuries while allowing you to still run
  • You can work on your form.
  • The resistance of the water allows for strength training at the same time
  • You can maintain your fitness level while you are healing
  • It can rejuvenate you and be a change for those times when you are really achy by being in the refreshing water. 

Now it can be a little boring but there are somethings you can do to make it not so boring.
  • Go with friends.  Time will pass more quickly when you have company.
  • Take the tunes - there are now cases available to put your ipods in or there are even mp3 players for the water.
  • Run for time. Commit to spend as much time in the water as you'd spend on a normal run.
  • Do regular running workouts. Vary the pace, the tempo, the length of time. Simulate a favorite running workout. Some type of fartlek workout, whereby you're constantly changing speeds, works best.
  • Play games. Follow the leader is fun. Or bring a tennis ball, beachball, or football and pass it around as you run. 
So while I am not thrilled with that I will be going back to the pool for at least another week I am not freaking out because I know I am maintaining my training and my fitness.  Plus since I am at the pool at least 3 x a week for my swim workouts so I just put on the best after the swim workout so hey I am getting a brick workout in as well.  

Peace out peeps




Kirsten said…
You're a trooper lady. A brick workout fiend of a trooper. Sorry to hear that the foot was not so happy on Sunday. :(

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