Hello Its been a while.

Ah lets just admit it I am not very good at this blogging stuff but I will try again to be more consistent in my blogs. 

I guess I just feel like I don't really have a lot to say most of the time.

SO lets see since Oct 2012 what has happened.

Had an epithany at the Oliver Half Ironman in June of 2013

Finished another Iron Distance Race - the inaugural Challenge Penticton - 2013 - it was awesome.

Travelled to N. Ireland and Amsterdam and fell in love with the cycling culture in Amsterdam.  Met my step-grandson and generally got to catch up with family in Belfast.

Ran some great trail races. 

Lost my running partner - Bishop after 13.5 years  :(   but gained a new running partner in training Blue.  Still miss Bishop - always will but love Blue more and more each day. 

Lost my mother-in-law to cancer at Christmas back to Belfast for the funeral.  I hate Cancer! 

Because we want a well adjusted puppy I have been low key on the racing and training just doing the occasional trail race.

I also have a buddy - her name is Avery and she has Downs Syndrome.  I joined this great group https://www.facebook.com/IRunFor  and Avery is my buddy.  I have not told her mom about the blog yet so I won't talk too much about her until I chat with her mom because I want to respect their privacy.  But suffice it to say that I use Avery as motivation to get out and train.  I remember that she can't do all the things I do and I should be grateful and I hope that it helps motivate her a bit to know that someone is out there each day sending a positive thought her way.

I guess the other big news is Joe is doing the iron distance at Challenge Penticton this year.  I have a relay team in - Gets Better with Age - I will be swimming,  Joe's dad (72 years old!) will be our cyclist and June Bug will be my runner (older than me but it is not polite to publish a girl's age :))  We are doing the full-distance.

And lastly Joe got into Challenge Roth in Germany next year.  This is my dream race - I did not get in but will try again there is another chance to try and register.  I really want to do this for myself and Avery. 

So there you are caught up on the highlights.

I promise I will post more often

Peace out




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