Top 10 reasons Felix should let me register for Challenge Roth

Challenge Roth is on my bucket list

While training for my last Iron distance race - Challenge Penticton in 2013, I decided that I would do 1 more solo Iron Distance race and then I would retire from that particular distance:
a)  to chase my bucket list goal of doing an Ultra  -the time needed to train for that meant I could not train for Iron distance
b) because if you do 3 Iron distance races no-one can say it was a fluke
c) I like the number 3 - it is an OCD thing. 

Now I had not thought much about which one I would do, I just knew I would do one more.  At the wrap up dinner for Challenge Penticton in 2013, Felix kept talking about Challenge Roth.  He kept talking about its roots and how it was similar to Penticton and the community spirit.  It resonated with me because I know some of the founders of the Original Ironman in Penticton, I love the Penticton race and I keep going there because of the community spirit and the volunteers.  I turned to Joe and said I am doing Roth in 2015.  To which he sighed and said well you have not been to Germany yet so why not.

To get into Roth is a on-line registration.  I went home and did my research - I found out the date and then calculated the time difference.  I would need to be up a 1am on Sunday, July28 to register.  That meant go to bed at 9pm(i get up at 4:45am for work), set alarm for 12:45am, register, and back to bed.  I would need to be fast - the previous year it sold out in 2 minutes.

Well July 28, me and Joe and I were up and ready - 2 laptops, 2 ipads and 2 iphones.  There was no way I was not getting in.  1am  - GO - 1:00:30  Joe - I am in;  1:00:35 - Shaun - I am in.  Yeah - hi fives and off to bed.  Super excited with dreams of training plans and such.  I woke up at 4:45 am excited to get my confirmation email and pay my registration - but alas no email - that is weird - check Joe's and he has an email.  Check my history and it says I will get an  email.  Check again nope not there - and the panic sets in.  I told  people I was going - I ANNOUNCED it - this is embarrassing - I check my junk mail - nothing, phone Shaw -my email provider - no nothing,  email Roth and they say it will come.  Ok.  I kept checking all day long getting sadder and more upset as the day wore on.  Then the email from Roth - we are sorry not sure why but you are correct your husband is in and you are not.  Please try in December.  I am not going to lie - I shed some tears.  Joe offered up his spot - I told him NO -you will race - you have to race - this is bigger than KONA - I would not give up my spot for you.  (actually I would if he really wanted it but shhhh). So he registered and I am waiting for December.

Now I know I can try on December 6th but I am scared what if I don't get in again?  I can't risk that so I have decided to start campaigning Felix  the CEO of Challenge.  I know they provide guaranteed entries to sponsors and VIPs so I am going after one of those - or at least I am going to try.

I thought I would be able to pin him down in Penticton at this year's race but he was not there -- I even made a special shirt!  So my next move is to shamelessly beg via my blog.  So without further ado here are the top 10 reasons Felix should let me in to Challenge Roth for 2015.

10. I made a shirt already and told my buddy Avery I would Tri4 her - I can't let her down
 9. Financially it would be helpful for me and my husband to do the race  at the same time
 8.  I hear Germans invented beer – I like beer -enough said

7           7.  Felix and I are Facebook friends now
            6. If you don’t let me in I have to do the Canadian death race next year –  I would like to delay this -  it  has DEATH in its name... 
            5. I am a type A personality – I can’t plan my training/races next year until we confirm my registration.
           4.  Half of my cheer squad and relatives are of German descent – I need to represent.
           3 .As a back of the pack athlete - I love that Challenge caters to all the Athletes and just once I want to now what it feels like to  run into a stadium with the stands filled - I think that would be cool
           2. Running on a red carpet at the finish line is an experience like no other and I would love to do it in Germany
             AND FINALLY.... THE NUMBER 1 REASON :
             1.  I will learn all the words to Challenge Girl in German and get the Shaunettes to sing
                  it in  a YouTube video for you. - Sorry girls you need to take one for me here (luv ya)

  So there they are Felix - 10 reasons to let this wee Canadian Girl into your race.  I promise to train and race hard and most of all have a whole lot of fun at your race.

P          Peace out Shaun



Unknown said…
This list rocks! They so need to let you do this!

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