Reboot - Time to shake things up

I don't even know where to start so I decided a total reboot.

New title for the blog, new colors and well I am obviously not new but I am going for a new perspective  or at the very least rediscovering who I am and what makes me a bad ass.

For the last few years I have kind of lost myself - found reasons and excuses to not do things, I mean I was living and "racing" but I stopped pushing the envelope.  I started finding reasons to not do things, I put on a lot of weight,  and I just was not motivated. I thought that all was well  in my world  and then the poop hit the fan and my world was turned upside down and I have had to look at my self and all I believe and do some serious thinking about what matters to me and what I want in my life.

So as part of year  50 on this planet I decided that I would do my 4th Iron distance race- June 15 in Northern Spain.  Part of that was to start running regularly again so I found a run club close to home in September and meet up with them every Wednesday night.

It has been great - when I started I was struggling to run 7min km and was at the back of the group - dead last - and I was ok with it because I was getting out.  I then  signed up for the Capra 30x30 challenge for November - run a minimum 30 per day for 30 days of November. Since our club runs on Wednesdays, I actually started Oct 31.  I did complete the challenge and decided to keep going.  Previously I had always said I can't run more than 4 days a week- I will get injured.  Well today was day 89 and no injuries.

So at 50 years of age I have been running for 89 days straight and do not plan to stop.  The advantages have been: I have lost close to 30 pounds so far, I am now running 6.30 min km regularly,  and actually did a race last weekend where I ran 6 min km's which I have not done in 10 years.  I am not super fast and I am not trying to be super fast I am just running my pace but I stay in zone 1 and it is paying off.

I am also swimming 2x a week and riding 3x a week as well as doing weights and core 3x a week.

But maybe the biggest thing is that every morning when I get up before I do anything else I meditate - I am up to 7 min and then I do some stretching to start my day.  Actually even  bigger is I am working on my mind set - working to believe in myself, be intentional in my day, and change my perspective to look for positives.  So after I finish my breakfast I make a point of writing down at least 5 things I am grateful for.

My intention is to be the best person I can be and to start pushing the envelope again- to reach outside my comfort zone so I can have the life I want and deserve.  To believe in myself and to stop being insecure and worried about what others think.  To love myself. 

Next race is March 2 - half marathon Burnaby lake - goal time 2:15.

Push yourself - you can do more than you ever believe. Trust the universe and know you are awesome.

Peace out Shaun


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