Frustrated and Bored


It is just over 3 weeks since I was hit and I am starting to get just a smidge irritable. Trying really hard not to but when you are someone who trains 6 days a week and has run every Sunday for the last 7 years well you can guess.

Got 2 quotes back about the bike - not repairable - big shock. Waiting for the 3rd - not sure why it is taking so long - but expect more of the same. The process is honestly pissing me off and I now see how and why people get lawyers. I did nothing wrong and yet I am the one driving around to all these bloody shops and getting quotes. I am the one who can't run or ride and who only got clearance for the pool last week. I am the one who aches every day and usually has a headache by the end of the day. Physio is all about these darn electrodes to stimulate the muscles - lots of fun - afterwards I usually feel pretty noxious and just want to go home and sleep. Fun times.

Now I am told that since I am over the 3 week hump expect to have some bloody person following me around to "catch" me doing something. BRING IT ON - yes you can watch me walk my dog and then go and sit on my bloody couch - when I would prefer to run or watch me get on the bloody bus because A- I DON'T have a bike and B - I could not ride it if I wanted to. So yes take your stupid pictures - I actually make to sure to just do random waves and have started putting on lip gloss - one must look good for the camera.

I had a bone scan last Thursday - I want to make sure that there is no fractures or such since everyone keeps x-raying my bloody back and not my pelvis as I have continuously told them. Results should be available on Wednesday - they did extra views - I am hoping it is because they are really thorough and not because there is anything there. Otherwise it will be at least another friggin 3 weeks before I am allowed to run on land and probably ride. GRRRRRRR If the scan comes back clean you can bet that I am going to start pushing it a bit - I have a clinic that I am coaching that starts on Thursday - it would be helpful if I could actually run with them....


Well at least I can water run - WOOOOHOOOOOO



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