RIP Shazam

Yes that is right you read the title right. Easy come, easy go.

So you all got to see my beautiful new carbon fibre bike, I named her Shazam - yes I name all my bikes just like I name my cars. Weird - maybe but you know what I am not an ax-murder so c'est la vie.

Anyways back to Shazam. So I got her sized up and was vibrating with excitement to go for an inaugural ride. So the next Saturday - almost 2 weeks ago now - I got up early and dressed up - as a precaution I even threw on my yellow riding jacket - just to make us more visible - for all the good it would do - and off we went.

It was amazing - we flew up the hills and down the hills, gears changed smoothly - like a hot knife through butter, I felt like I was riding on air. I think I even giggled at one point - it was nirvana. We were bonding nicely and on our way back home from a really great ride out to Coquitlam and back.

We made our left hand turn ON THE GREEN for the final push home. Then it happened. Out of nowhere I am getting slammed from behind and then I am on the ground! Then I am looking at the undercarriage of a Jeep! I am still not completely sure how it all went down but suffice it to say Shazam and me were pretty banged up. We both got chaperoned rides - Shazam off to the local firehouse next door to home and me off to emergency for a delightful afternoon of neck braces, body boards and xrays.

Final prognosis - Shazam is done - it is over - this relationship was shorter than my grade 1 boyfriend! Carbon fibre bike versus Jeep YJ- Jeep YJ won. Me - I am pretty sore and banged up - lots of green and purple spots, pulled hamstring, pelvis injury still not diagnosed - xrays negative for a fracture so bone scan next, back, neck and shoulders very sore and headaches. I am not sure what upsets me more the injuries and necessary rehab to see if I can continue with the plan for Ironman or the loss of such a great bike. Sometimes I think I am more upset about the bike.

I start physio tomorrow so we will see - I am determined to get back as soon as I can and thankfully Insurance will cover the bike but still. Mostly I am a little worried that I will be gun-shy on the bike now. That I will be too tentative.

List of things to do - rehab, replace shazam, start training again - this is a setback but I am determined to do Ironman next August. Thankfully the driver stopped when he noticed I was "riding" his hood. He seems like a good guy he apologized, called the ambulance and did not run over me when I came off the hood and went under for which I will always be eternally grateful.

Actually I feel pretty darn lucky - I am not paralyzed, no serious head injury or worse dead.



Anonymous said…
I wish I could make it all better. I hope things are improving now and the the bruises starting to fade.

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