What it takes to finish. - SOUL

People always ask why I train as much as I do. They say you are not going to win so why do it?

Well good point - for anyone who knows me I am one of the most competitive people out there. I don't like losing - but there is definitions of losing - to me if you give it your all and don't quit then you win. I have no respect for quitters and whiners. Time is secondary - I mean lets face it I am NEVER going to win a half marathon, full or Ironman but that is not why I do this.

As a coach I try to get this point across, to be in this sport you have to want it and stop competing with others, compete with yourself. Decide what your goal is for a race and go for it - whether it be to finish, or place or personal best. Stop worrying about what I or anyone else thinks, this is your journey because the one thing that will beat you is you.

You have to be tenacious and a smidge stubborn and a competitor. If you have these and you do the training you will find success - sometimes not in the form you thought, but success.

This past weekend I had a bunch of people from my last clinic racing - I don't know who gets more nervous me or them- I just want them to reach their goals and be happy with their performance. Anyways one of my "speedy" gals - I'll call her Miss M, was doing her very first half and was beside herself in excitement and anticipation - I was confident she would do great and she did - just not the way we both thought.

I had to coach in the morning so I missed being there for the finish of most of them, but got there near the end to cheer on the last racers. I was able to talk to some of the people from the clinic and found out that Miss M had finished but was very upset - her hamstring had blown out on her during the race. OH NO! But here is where it is inspiring - she walked it in - she finished- that is a competitor and that takes guts. My co-coach Cory was there and he was able to talk to her - thankfully - because she had decided she had failed and was not even wearing her medal.

Cory was great - he got her to get the medal out of her bag and put it on and told her that she inspired a lot of people out there because she did not quit. I sent her an email later and she is doing okay - hamstring pull so with some physio and water running she will get back in the saddle. She wants to do a full now! I am thrilled for her and I know she will succeed because the girl has soul and that is what it takes.

How lucky am I that I got to coach a star like that?



Trail_Monkey said…
Hey Shauney,

I think Miss M. follows in your wonderful footsteps. Never accepts defeat just keeps on going, and going, and going.... She and you are an amazing inspiration. Koodos to Cory for being Dr. Phil. But we all know that's Cory. Me proud of Miss M!
Anonymous said…
Miss M certainly does sound like she took her inspiration from her coach. I remember someone, lets call her Miss S who fractured a foot at the start of a 1/2 marathon but who stuck it out to finish and finish proudly.
You inspire, you lead, they learn, they follow, they fly.

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