Money well spent!

So last night was the first night I met with my cycling coach -Barb, what a nice and delightful lady, oh and great rider to!

There are about 6 other ladies in the group - 5 triathletes and one stinking fast road racer. First thing Barb noticed was my handlebars - too low but overall she liked my trainer. She actually said " that is a great bike" I had to laugh because it is older than god - it is a Bianchi that I bought second hand 8 years ago. A great bike in its time but compared to bikes out there now it is a dinosaur. So had the hubby change the angle of the bars last night when I got home. Looked at my road bike and the since I did get it fitted the bars are in the proper position.

She talked about drills and cadence and had me do some drills and sprints. We worked on bike stability and she said that for never doing the drills before I was doing quite well. I am at the back of the group but that is okay since they have all cycled longer and trained with her for a while.

I did, on the last, lap finally get stay on someone's wheel for the entire 2km lap - so that is what drafting is like!

Off to do today's brick and to incorporate some of the drills on the ride



ladysmithtrigal said…
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ladysmithtrigal said…
Hi I found your blog off the running room.. I am training for my first ever half ironman and I am hoping to do the full one day. I am training with my Husband which this is his first too, so we are having a great time doing this. Very tough at times though. I am enjoying your blog.. If you would like to read mine here is the link

I love the story about your bike workout, to cute!

Happy training and keep bloging,

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