Only 2 more sleeps

UBC Triathlon is only 2 sleeps away. I am both anxious and excited to see how it plays out. This will be my first race since the accident and well let’s face it I am not 100%. If I was honest I would say I am at about 75% of where I was. Which everyone assures me is great but me being me I am frustrated.
I am anxious to because there has been no real taper, coach says that this is just a step along the way and so I train through . It feels weird to me but you have to trust the process. She has won lots of races and championships for a reason so I will listen.
Having said that I am going to try for a PB I am going for 2 hours 50 min – I know probably reaching since I just said I am not 100% but if you don’t try you can never succeed so what the hell let’s go. I know I will finish it really is just going to be a matter of when and how pretty I look. Big concern is the shoulder will it hold up? I have done 1500 meters a few times and it has always started to ache near the end but again no guts no glory and really after the swim I don’t need it. Last year I injured my right shoulder the day before and could hardly lift it without pain and I got through it so really how bad can it be.
The bike course is pretty flat so my leg /hip should hold out, I have been doing mini bricks and after about 5 min I feel good and generally on runs it is usually about 14km mark now where the leg and hip really start to ache and this is only 10km so easy peasy!
Finally I have been visualizing me successfully completing each section in the time I would like. I have even gone so far as to start playing my theme song – I feel Good – so that it is constantly in my sub-conscious. Not much else to do but wait for the starting gun.
I will post how it went. Wish me luck
Peace out Shaun


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