Ironman Aftermath

I would like to say I was back at it right away but not so. The mind and legs were good to go but the stiff neck the week prior turned out to be a very, very, very bad sinus infection that hit me full force on the Labor Day weekend. Not such a loss since it was pouring rain all weekend but frustrating as I need to get ready for the Dublin Marathon at the end of October.

This weekend I felt sufficiently recovered that Special K and I headed out for a "SHORT" 10ish er 16 ok closer to 19 km"ish" run. Really great since it was the morning after the Ironman Celebration party so we were both feeling a little rough...
The run went okay but by the end I was feeling it - we kept the tempo nice and easy and did it in just under 2 hours.

Sunday I decided that my lungs were feeling a little rough so best to go out on the bike. Met the "Zimich" gang and Barb quickly told me that I was to take it easy. Of course - who me - easy is my middle name! We headed off to Whytecliff and I stuck with the main group for probably 2/rd's of the ride out until we hit the main portion of hills and then I got dropped as my lungs were a little unhappy. Rather than risk bronchitis or worse pneumonia I pulled it right back. When I got to the park Barb informed me that I was going to ride back the same way and was not going up Cypress. She really is a good coach and she congratulated me for staying with the main group for as long as I did - it meant my overall recovery was coming along.
So I waited for Camille - new rider and Judith - who was riding with Camille to make sure she did not get lost and the three of us rode back. It was a beautiful day - I wish I had a camera.

Overall I feel good but the one thing that is hard is to decide what direction to take right now - I really, really, really love riding and do not want to give up any of the gains I have made. As I have said to Barb in the year or so I have been riding with them the gains I have made have been huge even during active recovery so I would like to see how far I can take it but I love and miss running with the crew so my dilema is what to do since both groups do their main training on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Right now I am leaning towards tempo runs on Wednesdays with the gang and riding on Sundays until the end of October when I will start leading the 1/2 clinic again. Then I will do runs on Sundays and ride Wednesdays. At least until the Spring. Then I will have to think. Barb and Larry both say it is important to keep riding as next season's medals are won during training right now and I like winning medals.

June bug called it I think - she said she is a rider now - we may have to start running on Saturdays so we can run with her. Thankfully Special K plays soccer on Sundays so I have convinced her to run with me and the best part is she is game for anything.

6 weeks until Dublin!

Peace out Shaun


Kirsten said…
Woo hoo! We'll have our own Saturday run club. :) Oh the fun we'll have. Muahahahah.

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