Never take a ride for granted

Yesterday was the 1-year anniversary of my bike accident. To celebrate I got out Isis and went and met the gang for a great ride out to Steveston and back. The weather was absolutely amazing and the ride was great - I love riding with the group and the feeling of freedom. I love to see people turn as we go by in our jerseys - 10 - 20 of us side by side in perfect formation as we all take our turns at the front and then peeling off smoothly.

When we got out to Steveston we broke into groups and rode pace line again it just felt good. My bike recovery has been great - I feel very strong. The running legs are taking a little longer to come back but that is to be expected.

When we all first met up one of the guys in our group came up a smidge late and said he had been hit by a car on the ride over. He was on the road and there was just he and the car -a two-lane road I might add - and the car bumped him. He is a very experienced rider and said he wobbled but was able to keep the bike up. He pulled up beside the car at the next light, knocked on the guy's window and said you just hit me. The guy said to him you should only be riding at 4am not in the middle of the day - it was early Sunday morning!

A few more things were said and he rode off. We all sympathised with him about what a jerk the guy was and such at coffee - and just how important it was to appreciate all our bike rides and to be aware.

Last night I got an email from Larry my coach's husband - well Larry is also my coach but Barb is my main coach - Barb had been in an accident and had a broken femur - he trusted we understood that we would have to handle our training on our own for a while. OH MY WORD! Of course that was all I had - so I have been beside myself with worry - how could this happen to Barb she is an amazing rider - super experienced.

I just found out - they were crossing the last bridge on their way home and there was a pedestrian - he moved to the side but there was a bit of a wind and it caught his coat just as Barb was passing him. His coat got caught in her front break.... She did not go over the rail of the bridge but her bike spun so fast that her foot could not clip out and she suffered a spiral fracture of her femur. 4 hours of surgery to put a plate in it last night - doctor/surgeon says 6 months until she can ride again. Barb says a couple.... She is going to be the exact same type of patient I was - poor Larry is going to have his hands full.

I am still in shock - what a fluke accident on such a beautiful day. It just goes to show you that not only do cars and bikes need to be separated but so do pedestrians and bikes. One small thing... That is why I support the Burrard Street bridge intiative and why I am such a hard-ass with my clinics when we run across bridges - sorry gang but be prepared for me to "ride" you even harder about the single file issue - one small thing....

God speed to you Barb - here is to a speedy recovery.

Peace out Shaun


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