Next stop Dublin Marathon

I can't believe in only 4 sleeps I will be on a plane with June Bug, Pebbles and Joe to Ireland to run in the Dublin Marathon. 

The last 7 weeks since Ironman have been a little frustrating in that I was very sick for about 3 weeks and did not really get any runs in because I did not want to get pneumonia or bronchitis.  Fortunately I was able to get  some good rides in but still I had to be cautious.  Just when I thought I was clear to train I got a good solid week in and bang I started to get a cold again so the last week I have dialed it right  back in an effort to be at the very least healthy for the race if nothing else. 

I was not planning on PB'ing but had hoped I would  be more prepared than I feel I am.  So with that being said I will just play it by ear - really I did my race for the year and this is just the swan song.  June-bug is also hurting she did the Victoria Half last week and wrenched something in her back so that she can barely walk let alone run. We are really hoping that her back eases up and she is good to go on race day - the course is supposed to be fast and flat so we had hopes she would BQ here.    The good news is that Pebbles (Pam) for once has seemed to stay healthy so at least she and Hazel will have a good race. 

On other news I saw coach Barb yesterday and she seems to be in good spirits despite everything.  She is coaching from the couch.  Which means she has more time to go over our numbers...  Today was the last Sunday ride for me for a while.  When I get back from Ireland I will be leading the next half marathon clinic so Sundays will be back to running however it is not all lost as I will be riding with the group on Wednesday nights throughout the winter and do my own rides on Saturdays.

I think that covers life over the last few weeks.

Keep on training



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