The breezes of freedom

I always train with a ball cap - always.  People who train with me have a hard time recognizing me when I am in my civvies because I am not wearing a cap.

I love ball caps and have worn them religiously since I was 9 and started playing softball.  I have more caps then my husband and I treasure each one.  Some get worn more than others - some are just for running, some are for post running and then there are my dressy ones that I wear when walking the dog or going grocery shopping.  Yep I love ball caps - if I could figure out how to wear one at work I probably would.

One of the things I love about riding is feeling the breeze as you ride - remember when you could feel the breeze in your hair as zoomed along the street.  Breeze not some brutal stupid head wind but breeze.  To me that was freedom.  I love jumping on my bike as a kid as soon as I could and riding, feeling the breeze on my skin and through my hair.  No worries, no parents, no rotten little sister.  Just me and my bike.  It was the same way I felt when I ran as a kid - remember just running around the soccer field and feeling the wind - okay maybe not wind - I was never that fast but breeze through your hair as it flowed behind you.  Well now a days for safety you have to wear a helmet on the bike so you can't get the total sensation but if I stop wearing the ball caps I could. 

So I  took of my ball cap and left it behind and went for a run.  And you know what I love it - it reminded me of those cross-country runs in elementary school.  The mass starts where we raced a cross the school field and on to some trail or path.  It just felt so great to have my hair flowing around me and then I found myself grinning like a fool as I veered off the sidewalk by a school and ran through the middle of the school field to a trail I had spotted on the other side.  I flashed into those childhood memories and thought  - there it is - Freedom. 

Try it take your hat/viser off and go for a run - I promise you it will be a great feeling.  For me unless it is pooring rain I am going to try and do all my runs hat free.  I need that feeling of the breeze and freedom.

Peace out


Anonymous said…
You go gurl! Its a far cry of of our good ole drinking days!


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