HOW BAD CAN IT BE? God I have missed that feeling.

So the last couple of years, I guess really after Ironman, I have kind of felt like I am just going through the motions.

Register for a race, train for a race, do a race.  Repeat.  I have not really been excited it just has been an ends to a means.  I mean I have been excited about the locations but the actual distance or type of race - not really.

That : wow how do I go about doing this, holy crap am I seriously thinking about doing this, I feel kind of sick, seriously HOW BAD CAN IT BE feeling.  It just has not been there. 

Well it is back and it feels awesome!  I feel anxious, a little worried and excited all at the same time.  You ask - what is it, what is it? 

Background first - my very first running Coach - Louise. .  She was so inspiring and really touched me and helped develop my passion for running.  She was/is an amazing athlete and her passion for running was contagious.  She really cared about us and encouraged us no matter how fast or slow and well when I lead clinics I really try to emulate her.   Louise was also a big trail runner and loved ultra's.  Her stories of her adventures doing Ultra's always amazed me.  One race that intrigued me and I have talked about lots is the Canada Death Race - this year it looked like I might finally do it but alas financially it is just not fiscally smart.  With Joe going to do the Trans Alps it just did not seem feasible. 

Then I started thinking about Stormy.  This is a 50 mile trail race in the back country behind Squamish.  A few years ago 2 friends of mine did it and I put in a relay team to run with them and support them.  I always maintained that one day I would like to try and do it solo.

Stormy however is no more but after contacting the old race director I have learned there is a new race/course - The Squamish 50.  I logged on to the site and honest to god my heart started to do a little skip, my nerves started and my stomach felt a little queasy.  OMG - I think I want to do this race.  Really want to do this race.  So much that I have not stopped thinking about it.  I have already began working on the gang to recruit either peeps to do the whole thing with me or at least put in a relay team to run with me. 

I have contacted Louise and my old trail coach Tom to ask for advice on training plans/distances and any other advice they can give.  Judith has agreed to go out to Squamish so we can train on the trails. 

The only person I have not mentioned it to is JOE....  I was thinking of saying - "Good news I am not going to do the Canadian Death Race! "- He keeps telling me I am not allowed to... - Then I can say I am going to do the Squamish 50 - YEAH!!!  That should go over well - I mean I am giving him something he wants, right?

The trick is to make sure I have all my ducks in a row - my training plan laid out and yada, yada.  He will still stress about me doing it and probably tell me I can't - which we all know is like waving a red flag in front of me - I mean look how well it worked for Ironman - bahaha.

Okay- WOW- I think I am really going to do this - EEEEEEEEEKKKKK.  Seriously though - How bad can it be?

Peace out


Unknown said…
Go Shaun go!! Glad to hear you've got your energy and passion on fire again! You're such a sparkplug!
Unknown said…
woohoo! Onward and upward (then down and up and down and up all those trails!)

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