5 days - 21 hours, 54 minutes

That is the time I have until I get in the pool and start my swim at the Olympic Tri next weekend. Just got my swim time - 11:15am - so I will have to sit there and wait from 8am until then before I can get in the pool.

Joe's time is 9:15 because he is faster so he was like we'll just take 2 cars. Great so you can finish and go home - thanks for the support.... Oh and guess what I am PMS'ing (could you tell by the bitchiness of that statement??)

So I am just one big bundle of emotional anxiety. I am worse that a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Well that killed of 4 minutes now only 5 days, 21 hours and 50 minutes to wait....


Anonymous said…
but the late start means that some of you Shaunette support team will be able to do their morning run and still make it out to cheer you on! I will be there!

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