Post race hangover

The thing about racing is the after effects. I refer to it as the hangover after the party - you had such a great time but you need to recover now. The thing is that unlike a true hangover I have no embarrassing regrets - any pictures taken I will be proud to have shown and I am not saying "Never again - this is the last time!"

Keeping that in mind I just jumped back in taking Monday as a rest day and got back at it on Tuesday. The dilemma has been my right shoulder has been bothering me - so I have skipped all my swims - this morning I was going to go but did not thought after work but arm is still sore.

The other thing is the long bike - normally would do this on Saturday am and should be about 2 hrs 45 min but I am running a 5km race and then was planning on going out for some wobbly pops. Thought about doing the bike today but I did time trials on Wednesday and a brick yesterday - seems like a lot.... Could do the bike on Sunday but after running 16 km "ish" in the am - leg weights after that plus I suspect I might have a teensy hangover I am not inclined to throw in a 3 hour bike ride.

I thought I would just spin tonight for an hour but now I am feeling guilty - I don't want to start making excuses for cutting workouts - last year I did that all the time and well it showed on race day. Hmmm maybe I will either get up super early and do a few hours on the bike first thing in the am before the race tomorrow morn....

what to do what to do


Anonymous said…
Recovery, its called recovery. Take the time for it.
Remember also another friend who came back from illness too fast and is not off injured again. Listen to your body. If it hurts (not minor ache, but hurt) dont do it!

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