I'm the Queen of the mountain.

Okay maybe not the queen but pretty darn proud and feeling empowered after last night's workout out with Barb (cycle coach) and the gals in the group I ride with.

Last night we did our first - well my first, they have all been up there - ride up to Cypress Mountain. I was anxious all day - first I was anxious about riding up the darn mountain and then even more anxious when I realized that we were riding to the base which was up another very steep road.

Doubts abounded - would I be able to get up to the highway to get to Cypress? And then would I be able to get up Cypress without falling too far back? Then I started thinking about the downhill and got freaked about that to.

By the time I pulled up to our meeting spot - Cindy looked at me as I got out of the car and said smile it will be okay - you'll be fine. I sure hope so I said. The ladies were great in reassuring me I would be okay - they were like are you worried about the down - I was like I am worried about both!

Barb showed up and her husband and his "guys" showed up as well. Barb looked at my face and was like it is going to be okay - you will be fine. Then as we are riding to 13th she says to the group - you heard what Larry said right? Him and the guys want to try and catch us before we get to Cypress. I was like great! Now I have to worry about staying ahead a bunch of boys too?!?! (I know the competitive streak still kicks in even when I am freaking out).

The hardest part of the ride was from 15th to the Highway- 13th was pretty tough - or so I thought - until we got to 15th. Barb stayed with me a good portion of the ride and talked me through my form and cadence - it was great. I am happy to report that while I was not the first gal to Cypress, I was not the last AND I did get there before Larry and the boys - not by much but still got there.

Riding up Cypress is not too bad it is just loooooong - 3.5km I was told later - uphill. Again not the last up so I was pleased. We timed ourselves and I got up to the first lookout in 18 min and 37 sec!

The way down was very scary and I was the last one down but not too far behind the other ladies. Then we had to go down 15th and 13th and that was even scarier because my hands were so darn cold I could hardly pull my brakes. Note to self: NEOPRENE GLOVES not wool for next time. I got down though thanks to Judith for taking me under her wing - which seems appropriate as that is my mom's name to - she stayed with me all the way down 13th and back to the cars.

So now I just have to get brave on the downhill portion and I will be good as gold.

Cyrpress? How bad can it be? Easy peasy!



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