Another deposit made

I like to think that each training session is like a deposit in my race account. And on that belief I am pretty confident that I made an extra large deposit last night.

Woke up yesterday to snow - I was like this is a real bad April Fools joke. Thankfully by around 10am it turned to rain. Did a tempo training run at lunch thinking about coaches comments on faster cadence = faster time. Did just over 5km in 32 min - still slower than normal but getting stronger and faster each run. Leg felt good till about 4.7km and then it announced so I dialed it back a smidge. Remembering my physio's words - Repeat with me - you were hit by a truck - don't worry I corrected her - I told actually I was there and it was jeep.... (she kind of appreciated the humour).

Last night is the weekly ride with coach up Cypress the local mountain - since it stopped snowing I knew we were going up. The workout was actually 4 min muscle tension hell - woops I mean hill repeats on Cypress. We were supposed to do 5 I got in 4 - and my knee/hip held up pretty good - but I was feeling it on the 4th so probably good I did not get the 5th in. The weather was miserable - cold, rain - lots of it and a wicked wind. It was a little nerve wracking on the ride back to the cars along the highway. I am not gonna lie - I was anxious. I have not been that cold or wet since Iron MOuntain - it was bad. But the deposit has been made and I am glad I did it.

I however had had enough water for one day between running and riding in it that I did not do the swim last night. So deposit not as large as it could have been but sometimes you have to have a little luxury.

Thankfully the rain has stopped and will hold off for tonights track workout with my half marathon clinic.



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