Oh wow - I am super excited - I have not really said much about it but a few months ago I received a random email telling me about a company called Nathan and how they were for the second year sponsoring a team of 10 amateur Canadian Athletes, with a link provided.

I went and looked at the link and read up on the team. I like the products they use or at least the ones I know about I use and like. I only use GU and well who does not like Sugoi products, I read the running magazine and well I don't know much about E.N.D. shoes the reports I have read are all good and lets face it is time to buy new trail shoes! And well Nathan has a whole line of fuel belts that I like - so it just seemed like a good fit.

Anyways I digress so after pondering it for a few weeks I mentioned it to my friend Kirsten and she was like OMG you should totally apply. What the heck - why not? So I did up a powerpoint presentation and sent it in.

I got the call this morning I am one of the 10!!!! WOW - really? This is so exciting and more importantly it shows that you don't always have to be the first across the line to be recognized! Thrilled to bits is all I have to say - and nothing like having the national spotlight on you to keep you true to your training and up your game!

Oh and here is a big heads up to all Shaunettes the last thing they said to me on the phone this morning was let the Shaunettes know.... No pressures ladies - I know you will bring your A game - IMC Penticton is not going to know what hit them!

Check out their site: http://www.insport.ca/en/Nathan

EEEEEE (high pitched girly scream)



Congrats of your Nathan sponsorship! I found your blog through googling IMC Canada blogs.

Looking forward to following your training.
Trevor Oseen said…
Great job getting on the team!
Richard said…
Richard here, fellow Nathan teamate. The "Shaunettes"!!! So kool!! Have fun and keep posting, this is what it's all about!

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