Doing the ears proud

Yesterday was just a great day. The weather was absolutely perfect to don my pace bunny ears for the Vancouver Half Marathon.

I really do like being a pace bunny, it is just a lot of fun to help people attain their goals and I think most of them got their goals.

I needed to get a training run in and they needed a 2:30 bunny for the half - it was a perfect fit.

Official time 2:28:21 - a bit fast but overall not bad since there were no course markers to help me judge my pace.

Ran into a bunch of the clinic grads and from all respects and quickly perusing official stats everyone seemed to have a great race! Makes a coach proud.

Then I got to watch the full marathoners finish which is always inspiring.

Just a great day all round really rejuvenated my spirit for the final training push to Oliver. Less than 4 weeks to go....


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