Humble pie

Last night we rode up to Cypress again - this time to the second lookout. I ride with 4 other ladies on a regular basis. Karen is quite younger - in her 20's, and is always gone. I have decided that my goal is to catch her or get closer to her every ride. Judith is also a strong rider and usually we play back and forth going up Cypress - always quite close so mentally I have decided that I need to stay ahead of her as a measure of my progress and improvement. No I am not competitive at all (LOL).

Anyways last night we are heading up Cypress and I get to the base of Cypress not far behind Karen and have to wait about 5 minutes for the others. YES - I am getting better. Then we head up Cypress - I keep Karen in my sights until the first look out - albeit it was close to a 1km between us I could still see her jersey. Judith started out in front but I pulled ahead quickly and stayed ahead for the rest of the ride up. I was feeling pretty smug. Now please no this is all mental stuff in my head. So we ride back down and I am feeling pretty good because I stayed with Karen all the way down - usually she would be gone and the others would fly by me. Then on the ride back to the cars I rode beside Karen along the highway. YEAH!!!!

Well we are back at the cars and talking and Judith is like yeah it was not too bad - I rode out to Horseshoe bay first and back so I could go up Cypress with you gals. Gulp.... I said you rode to Horseshoe Bay first today? Yeah she needed to get a 3 hour ride in and she did not want to do it on Thursday. Wow.

Shaun's little pride balloon developed a big leak. OMG - the woman is amazing - I doubt that I could have done that. How the hell am I going to do Ironman next year?!?! She was not that far behind me and I will be honest I was pushing the whole way. Some people have been saying they think I am overtraining and I listen to this lady and from what I can tell I am doing about the right amount and will have to do a hell of a lot more for Ironman. Yikes!

Can I have icecream with my pie please?



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