Need - one tri bike will return on June 3...

Last night did the last ride up Cypress and it was harder than usual because my *#!&#?# chain kept skipping on the uphills and well for those that don't know Cypress is a friggin mountain. With 9 days to race day this is not good - actually potentially devastating.

So I went to the bike shop this morning they open at 10am and I was there a 9:59. He looked at the chain did a wiggle here a wiggle there and said that may do it. I rode it nope and then he rode it and came back and said yep it is skipping... (thanks sherlock). So then he starts talking about derailers and so on and I start to feel sick as I realize $$$$ and this is just a guesstimate on his part. So I call my father-in-law who gave me the bike - please note last year I wanted to buy myself a new bike but no my hubby and father-in-law came up with the solution that I would take one of his old bikes. More and more i regret getting talked into this...stupid Scottish heritage I should have resisted the idea of a deal.

So he talks to the guy in the shop and they decide new chain and block - whatever the hell that is... hopefully that will sort it out. HOPEFULLY ARE YOU *#&*!^ KIDDING ME! 9 days - did I mention 9 days for the race that I have poured my heart and soul into training for - that my friends have been making massive plans to come and cheer me at - 9 DAYS.

Deep breath - I almost sat down and cried but reigned that in and then I came very close to saying screw it - see that bike up there get it down and prep it - but then I thought - hmmm I do not want to be single anytime soon... So they have ordered the parts they think might work and I will cross my fingers that it will work and start saving for the new bike because I cannot cope with this kind of stress. Next year I am riding in IRonman on a new bike. Plan B - not sure but if I have to as a last resort - make no mistake- I will buy that bike and deal with the bitching later.

I have not worked this hard and come this close to not do this race!

So everybody do the bike prayer please. I am off to the local church.



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