Drama queen 101

I am like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Still no word on the final prognosis of the bike. I try not to worry but for those that know me I am the world's biggest worrier at the best of times so this is almost unbearable.

Everything hangs in the balance - will I be racing or will I not? It is becoming a real possibility that I may not and that brings me to tears - foolish I know it is only a race but it is so very important to me. I guess I need to work on my priorities.

Questions are constant as I sit by the phone - will they be able to save her (the bike). If so how long will it last? Does she have it in her for one more big ride? Is there time to find a replacement? And where do I find the money? And will the new one be the right one.

I know it is only a bike but this was the bike I used in last year's epic Iron Mountain tri and so I guess I feel it needs to be the one I use in this year's. The emotional attachement is there it has been on a lot of brutal training rides with me and I guess I just want her to feel the taste of a great half Ironman before I retire her.

It really is like a bad soap opera and my worst nightmare. Please, please please fix her - I just need her for one more big ride. Pretty please.....


UberJeanie said…
Eiyeeeee. Hopefully it has been fixed by now.

Good luck next weekend. xoxo

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