Cat for sale

We have slowly begun furnishing our first home - to that end we bought a beautiful brown leather couch. YOu see where this is going. You guessed it - Alley the wunder cat has found a new scratchy post! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! We have a leather chair that we have had for 10 years basically they arrived the same time and she has never marked it. But the leather couch.....

I looked into declawing but just can not do that to her so the options are lock her in the laundry room for the rest of her life or give her away. But then I did some research on the net and found these soft paws - little cat nail covers. So I thought what the heck lets give'em a whirl. Only issue is that the same 2 keep falling off. Not sure what to do but am determined to get them to stay on otherwise she will have to move out because living in the laundry room is no life for her...


Anonymous said…
I know you'll find a way of keeping them on.
I'm glad she gets to stay at home and I know it will work out.

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