Training blahs...

With 5 weeks till race day - I find myself having trouble getting "up" for all my workouts. Once I get out there and start going I am fine but I really mentally argue with myself to do it.

And it does not help that I know this a normal part of training. Trying to think of ways to motivate myself is a daily struggle. Tonight I have another swim session with my new Master's group and I am not sure if I am just not meshing with this coach or his style is not my clicking for me but I don't feel like I am accomplishing anything. He stands and watches me swim and then I have to coax out of him what I need to work on. It does not feel interactive and I feel like I am digressing which is worrisome. I however have paid for this month so will finish it out before I make a final decision. He is nice enough, and they all seem nice. It might be that they are all exceptionally faster than me but again I am not sure that is the problem as they were all faster than me in West Van to. I find that he does not seem to do set drills - maybe that is the problem.

Or maybe it is as I mentioned before training burn-out. Tempted to skip the workout and go for a spa day instead tonight but with only 35 days of training which is actually 30 when you factor in Taper a spa day will have to wait until the June 2nd.



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