Spin, Spin, Spin to win

Oh my god - apparently I have inner thigh muscles and they are very very very angry at me today.

Last night was my first spin class. It is taught by Larry Zimich,my cycle coach's husband. He is of course one of the top road racers and one very sadistic man! I love him. The girls I train with all do his spin class where he works on form, cadence, heart rate and probably most important mental focus. They all swear by it and say the improvement have been huge. They also said it is stupid hard. Well as we know I automatically think aw come on seriously - How Bad Can it Be???

Answer: It is up there. It is one hour of intense training. I have never done a spin class so did not know what to think and was more than a little apprehensive after listening to the girls talk. He is brutal - it was great. At one point he was like Shaun you are riding to easy and came and pushed my tension right up. HELP and then I made a tiny move with my hand that some might have percieved as going to reduce and wow he was on me like white on rice. (LOL) He was don't you dare - No-one backs off in my class. OH DEAR GOD what have I done. But you know what as usual the coach is always right. I tell you though I did not go near that little turny thing until he told us we could and as much as I wanted to look at my watch to see how much longer the torture would be I was absolutely terrified and did not.

Gosh only knows what he would have done if I had peaked at my watch for time....

I am sure there are past members from my running clinics going Ha - see now you know what it feels like. You're right Karma is a bitch. One might even think that I might become a kinder and more sympathetic coach..... NOT A CHANCE! This just shows me that maybe I have been too easy....

And I even made it to swimming a few hours later. I tell you I slept like a rock last night.

So happy today is a rest day - an ice bath tonight and some nice stretching and I will be good to go again tomorrow.




Anonymous said…
It may have been hard, but you'll be going back again and you know that it will work.
So you're not a whiner, just a realist!
Better you than me. I dont mind pain, but torture isnt my cup of tea.

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