Forced rest freak out

Son of a - fruit juice!^@^#*$^%

Last post I mentioned that life has been an itsy bit stressful and to top it off Joe has been down with a chest viral infection.

Immediate actions taken: seperate sleeping arrangement, on to the Cold FX, intake of massive amounts of Vitamin C - and even the drastic step of eating real fresh fruit! I dialed the training back a bit - did not do the the long bike ride last weekend or swim. Did not do the brick yesterday or the speed workout last night. Woke up this am and Throat is scratchy and chest feels tight...... ARGGGHHHHHHH I do not have time for this!!!

Just went to walk-in clinic as a proactive measure - I do not like that doctor. He says that my chest sounds rough - what is that?!?! - so I am now on antiobiotics he says it could be Bronchitis starting or Influenza A - if it is bronchitis antibiotics will help and I will know in 2 days - so take the next 48 hours off - WHAT - okay that is not so bad- 48 hours means I am back in the saddle on Sunday - only miss the swim today and ride tomorrow..... If it is Influenza A - I will not improve and then I will just have to take it easy for a little longer - TAKE IT EASY - the bloody race is less than 2 months I don't have TIME!!!!!

Called one of my gal pals to freak out and get sympathy and have her tell me that he was nuts and she agrees with him! She even said that if I go out on my bike she will find me and make me stop!!!!!

Maybe riding Cypress Wednesday might have been a little much. Right 48 hours - I can do 48 hours- it will be okay - that still leaves me lets see 56 days to race - minus 7 as taper is 49 days minus 2 for this is OMG ONLY 47 DAYS. EAGHHHHHHH

Going into hibernation now see you all on Sunday!



Anonymous said…
yeah, like i was going to say any different! take it easy, the big goal is still there, as long as you keep it in site these 48 hours will go by quickly!

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