Bringing up the rear

Yesterday was the annual Cypress Mountain Hill Climb race.

The whole club was supposed to ride it but the green goddesses had to cancel due to work and other life commitments so that left the Amazing Miss M and me to represent the recreational womens "tri" section of the group. Miss M is faster than I am - she is actually where I was last year before the accident so I had a pretty good feeling I would be bringing up the rear.

Coach and me talked briefly and she said just go hard and treat it like a training ride so that is what I did. They started the Cat 3 and 4 women with the Masters I was able to hang on to the group for about 300 metres (LOL) and then they dropped me like a bad habit. I was able to see Melinda until we reached the first look out about 5.5 km up and then I lost sight of her as well.

My total time up was an hour and 4 minutes to get up 10 minutes or so to get down. You would think I would feel pretty bummed about this but honestly I don't. Over the past 9 years or so I have learned to just go with it - now if I could apply that to the rest of my life, but I digress. I always think back to where I started and where I am and where I can go and I try to focus on the where I am going. The point is I finished and I did not quit. The total climb is 12km - Richters pass is 7 km, this was my 3rd time ever doing that climb. I had run 2 hours 15 min the day before and then ran around an amusement park for 8 hours so overall I am okay with the result.

I remember the first 1/2 marathon I ever ran I was so far at the back of the pack that I did the majority of the training completely on my own because I would get dropped so quickly - I finished my first half in 2:36 and some change. Prior to the accident I could comfortably run a 2 hour half marathon. When I went to train for my second full again I was dropped very quickly by the group and did all the runs on my own - 4 hours on the trails by yourself you solve a lot of the world's problems, it ended up I did not get to run that full because of a late injury 4 weeks out but it showed me that I could do the runs on my own and allowed me to have the confidence to actually be a pace leader for the next group and do a 4:33 marathon - taking 20+ minutes of my previous. So riding up a mountain against some of the best women riders in the province and even the country/world I am okay with my performance because it means I have lots of room for improvement and I can learn. Plus it was awesome to see Club Zimich rock it and pretty much podium if not win each division.

This week I start an 4 week clinic with a new swim coach that specializes in open water and triathlons - everyone I spoke to speaks highly of him so I am excited to learn how to be calm and efficient in open water. Oh and Wednesday is the 2km Canada Swim race at Sasamat lake. Should be good - hopefully I will get enough tips at Tuesday's class to help me on Wednesday but again in the end it is a training session and I need to remember that.

Peace out Shaun


Athena said…
Hi Shaun,

I like your attitude...I can use some of it.

I've haven't gotten used to being at the back of the pack. I keep on thinking that I'm doing okay for a woman of my (advanced) age - I'm no spring chicken.

I'm still petrified of the open water. I'm starting a clinic this week (tuesdays and thursdays in July) with Peter Scott of Sea this the same clinic you are going to do?

Shazam said…
Hey Diane - that would be the same clinic - here is hoping he sorts us out!


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