Staring my nemesis in the face

After the weekend and a volley of email exchanges between coach and myself we have agreed that I need to become more comfortable in open water race situations. So to that end I have registered for 2 open water races and 2km, July 1st and a 3km on July 25th.

Just thinking about them causes my anxiety level to rise which is silly because I know how to swim and am perfectly fine in a pool so I am frustrated that I get so nervous in open water tri races. If I am just swimming in the lake or ocean I seem fine just seems race situations I get freaked. I don't know if it is not being able to see the bottom, or the thrashing of the group around me or what.

I swam in lakes and rivers all my childhood - you could not get us out of the lake as soon as we were given the all clear by my grandparents, me and my sister were down and jumping off the dock and playing in the lake until we were called for lunch. Once we got the all clear after lunch we were back in the water and sometimes if it was a special day and we had been exceptionally well behaved we were even allowed to have a short evening swim. Those days were the best. So it seems ridiculous that I get so anxious in a tri setting.

The one thing I take away is that once I calm down and the crowd thins I seem to find my rhythm and am good to go but it would sure be great if I did not have to waste 5 minutes going through the panic attack. Hopefully doing these races will allow me to create a feeling of calm and confidence.

Keep your fingers crossed.



Anonymous said…
Tackling your nemisis directly is a great thing. It takes courage and i konw you are up to the challenge.
I see the when, let us know the where.

Awesome! I usually swim the 1500m at the end of July with VOWSA. I can't do the July 1st since I live in Steveston and the parade basically traps us in Steveston for the day. I will probably do the 3km this year and look forward to seeing you there!
Shazam said…
Thanks Erin - any tips? Do people wear wetsuits for this swim?

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