Holy Head winds Bat Man!

I wish I could say I crushed the Boy and PB'd Oliver this weekend but it was just not to be. Last year 6:46:31, this year 7:05 on the nose. Now for the post race analysis – Coles notes version – HOLY HEADWINDS BATMAN!!!

Swim - last year 51:13 this year 54:13 which now when I look at it I feel better - I had a panic attack. I thought I had started at the back like last year but after 10 or 15 women swam over me it became apparent I had not. This caused me to panic a bit nothing like having your entire body and head shoved under water again and again - I have never been through it - heard stories - and I can confirm I do not like that! So I flipped on my back for a couple of minutes to calm myself down. Once my breathing slowed to normal again I flipped over and made it my mission to spot a yellow cap and pass it. I take from this that if I had not had my moment I would have actually been faster – so something to work on for Ironman.

T1- I wanted to improve on this because last year was 7:45 but did not know if I could since this year we had a 700m run from the lake to the bikes. Last year I had to go maybe 50metres. I did improve though T1 – 5:58 overall I was on the bike this year in 60:10 last year 59:01 so the panic attack did not set me back to far.

Bike – the first lap was great it was warm but not too bad and there was a small breeze to keep you cool. I was relieved because the day before the wind was insane. I kept my cadence high and my heart rate in the Steady State as coach and I discussed– I passed a lot of people and did the first loop in about an hour and 28min – great on target. Then I made the turn for the second loop and holy headwinds batman. What the …. It was brutal but I was like what are you going to do? – suck it up princess and ride. I thought I was doing okay I kept passing people and I felt good my average kph dropped a bit but to be expected. I maintained heart rate and kept doing system checks everything seemed in order. On portions where there wind was at my back – few and far between – I would take advantage of it. With about 20 km my leg started to ache but I just kept muttering not today, not today. I tell you I was very relieved to get off the bike just to take the pressure of my leg for bit. Last Year – 3:13:56, 28.8 kph average speed. This year 3:24:34, 27.3 kph average speed. So I lost 10 minutes here. I did not know this at the time.

T2 – Again wanted to improve on last year’s 5:08 which I did with 2:34.

Run – this is where I let my head mess with me a bit. My legs actually felt pretty good especially after the ride it was great to take the pressure off my right hip/leg. But I looked down as I headed out and saw 4:28 or something like that on my watch – quick math meant to do 6:30 I would need to do a 2 hour half…. It was hot but the headwind helped a bit – I was feeling okay and then nature called – insistently so I did a pit stop – got out and had a bit of trouble finding my rhythm again but got back into the swing of it and kept surveying the crowd for Joe’s red shirt – he said he yelled at me but I did not see or hear him. On the second loop my body demanded another nature break and again it took me a bit to get back into the swing of it. Then I did see Joe and realized that I was not going to catch him – I am not going to lie it took some of the wind out of my sails. I tried to refocus but then I started to listen to folks around me – how tired they were, and so on and I started to let that drag me down. My bad – so I regrouped mentally and thought just get this done already - quit it - let’s go! Left right, left right at about 16/17km my hip and leg started to protest but it was not as bad as last year with the ankle lock-up and I refused to stop – LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT. Half time – last year 2:28:28, this year 2:37:14. 8 minutes slower . So we know where I lost time.

Now when I look at the comparables and take into consideration that I am in active recovery from the accident I guess it is not so bad but shoot I really wanted a PB…. Everyone keeps telling me I am stronger than last year and I guess in some ways I am but it is a little disheartening to not see the same numbers or better than last year. I know, I know I was hit by a car, I am in active recovery, blah, blah, blah - I let my head beat me yesterday on the swim and run – I need to keep my head in the race at all times- I need to stay in the race until the end.

Oh and to answer your question Joe's time 6:21 - grrr sometimes I dislike that boy - I train and train and train and he quasi trains and not only beats me soundly but improves on his time. He says that I gave him a lot of tips that helped him on the bike and run - should have kept my big mouth shut.

12 weeks to Ironman – still time to work on it.


Athena said…
Hey Shaun,

Most people won't even think about attempting a 1/2 iron let alone a full iron. You are going to do both this year - that in itself tells me that you have the guts and determination to work through the pain, frustration and head winds.

This was a training session...take the lessons for what they are - just lessons.

I will be cheering you on in August!!!


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