When did this happen????

I am not sure how or when it happened but I agree with my friends that I am officially nuts.

I was at my masters swim on Friday night and one of the gals said you are racing next weekend aren't you and I said yes but it is ONLY a half Iron. The look on her face made me realize what I had just said. Oh no I didn't! I said to her did I just say it is only a half-Iron?!? Yep apparently I did - how did this happen? When did I officially lose my mind and cross the threshold? Was it not just a year go I was like do you know how far a half Iron is? I guess it is a good sign in that I am feeling more comfortable with the distance.

Yesterday's ride went well we were doing Tempo and speed intervals and I was able to stay with the "speedy" girls - don't get me wrong I was hurting but not so bad that I stopped. Afterwards at coffee Judith said it best - that is the difference between a 6 hour and a 7 hour half iron. WOW! I think what surprises me most is the training I am actually enjoying the workouts and while it takes up a lot of time it does not feel like a lot of work.

The big thing as I get ready for the weekend is to think about the process - coach says remember the process not just the final result. There are a lot of things that you can do wrong during each phase and they will affect the rest of the day.

In other news - 3 boys - my BFF had 2 little men - Nathan Rhys and Corwyn Mathew - aka Bert and Ernie and my niece had a healthy little boy Logan Alexander...... (can't remember the rest of the names). The twins are still in NCIU but they were 5 weeks preemie so not unexpected and they are getting stronger by the day. Logan is great and expected to go home tomorrow.

Today I still have to ride home and a hour and half swim tonite, easy peasy.

Peace out



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